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Quidni – Latin for “why not?”

This describes the essence of what we do at Quidni Advisory. We challenge the status quo, we work with executives to make unexpected connections and we blend latest strategy and leadership thinking with innovative practical steps to make better choices. Choices than can be implemented.

Quidni Advisory is a boutique consulting firm that works in a network of world-class, but focused advisory capabilities, demystifying unique, pragmatic and innovative solutions to business leaders. We work with the C-suite and the Boards of businesses, but care about the frontline where stuff gets done.


As we believe each one of our clients are unique so too is the solutions we develop for them. We support our clients across the entire business lifecycle, form growth planning and strategy formulation to implementation and monitoring.

Strategy choices, testing
and differentiation
Creating conditions
for strategy execution
Innovation made real,
NOT incremental.
Leadership development




Building the Lucky Country 2

Deloitte “Building the Lucky

Country” series 1-4

Headwinds Disruption is real BG Gray 2


Disruption is Real

25 areas for Australian growth 2

25 areas for Australian


Building the Lucky Country 2

Deloitte “As One”

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